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Thermal Energy and Power Engineering

Update: 2012/11/27

Length of Schooling: 4 years

Professional Category: Power and Energy


I. Educational Objectives

This program is aimed at nurturing senior inter-disciplinary technical and engineering talents who are equipped with good scientific literacy,basic theories and skills of thermal energy and power engineering with proficient English and computer application abilities. It is also intended to produce students who are qualified to work in the field of thermal energy and power machinery such as refrigeration and air-conditioning, designing, manufacturing, developing, researching and equipment comprehensive operation management, meanwhile ready to meet the new trends of mechanical-electrical integration.


IIEducation Requirements

This major is aimed at training students to acquire the basic theoretical knowledge of thermal energy and power engineering. After getting trained the basic skill training for modern refrigeration and air-conditioning engineers, students are supposed to process basic capability of researching, designing, manufacturing, developing  the refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment as well as  comprehensive operation management and  production organization.

Students who have completed program learning are expected

1.to have a solid theoretical basis and systematical professional knowledge of refrigeration and air-conditioning discipline, proficient in a foreign language with certificate of the national test CET 4 or above, plus a solid ground in humanities, arts and social science;

2.to master systematically the technical theories and basic knowledge of this specialty such as mechanics, engineering thermophysics, computer application and engineering economics;

3. to have rigorous and realistic attitudes towards science and can solve theoretical and practical problems in the field of refrigeration and air-conditioning;

4. to understand the research and development trends of modern refrigeration and air-conditioning technology;

5. to be equipped with strong self-learning ability, innovative consciousness and comprehensive quality.


III. Length of Schooling, Academic Credits, Degrees Conferred

Length of Schooling: 4 years

Academic credits required: 160 credits

Degrees conferred: Bachelor of Engineering


IV. Curriculum and Credits Distribution

1. General Education Courses (54 credits)

Requirements: 44 credits for compulsory courses;10 credits for elective courses;

2. Basic Disciplinary Courses courses (41 credits)

Requirements: the total of 41 credits for basic courses in the Discipline.

3. Specialty-Oriented  Courses(56 credits)

Requirements: 40 credits for compulsory specialty-oriented courses; 16 credits for elective specialty-oriented courses.

4. Optional Courses(6 credits)

Requirements: 6 credits.

5. Second Class(Extracurricular Activities)(3 credits)

Requirements: No less than 3 credits

.  Education Plan