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Communication & Transportation

Update: 2013/1/17

Length of Schooling: 4 years

Professional Category: Communications and Transportation


I. Educational Objectives

This major is aimed at cultivating senior talents who have knowledge of fundamental engineering theory as well as management and organization of shipping and port traffic, thus can be engaged in organizing, commanding and decision-making activities in relevant departments and units and do operation and management work in Communications and transportation enterprises.


II. Education Requirements

The students of this major are acquainted with fundamental theoretical knowledge concerning prediction and decision-making in port development, port collection and distribution system, port management information system, port handling technology, port production organization and management, principle and design of ship, international shipping management; and receive basic training for management of Communications and transportation equipment technology, business management and information management. Students are expected to be equipped with solid ability in using Communications and transportation equipment to organize the operation rationally and achieve the best social and economic effectiveness; to have expertise in shipping and port management.

Upon graduation, students are required

1. to have a solid foundation of professional-required scientific and social knowledge;

2. to be competent for the job with strong ability of English usage and computer application,;

3. to master the fundamental theoretical knowledge of science and engineering, engineering technology and its management;

4. to acquire basic capability of organizing and commanding Communications and transportation, as well as enterprise manufacture and its operation;

5. to be familiar with the national principle, policy and  regulation concerning Communications and transportation;

6. to acknowledge the development of Communications and transportation facility and equipment as well as the management skills;

7. to process the up-to-date information retrieval capability, and to have the basic abilities in scientific research and practical work;

8. to process professional knowledge concerning shipping and port management, have good adaptability in the field of Communications and transportation;

9 to grasp the learning method and self-study ability, have modern consciousness and creative spirit.


III. Length of Schooling, Academic Credits, Degrees conferred

Length of Schooling: 4 years

Academic Credits Required: 161.5 credits

Degrees Conferred: Bachelor of Engineering


IV. Curriculum and Credit Distribution

1. General Education Courses (54 credits)

Requirements: 44 credits for compulsory courses;10 credits for elective courses 

2. Basic Disciplinary Courses (41 credits)

    Requirements: the total of 41 credits for basic courses in the Discipline.

3. Specialty-Oriented  Courses(57.5 credits)

Requirements: 40 credits for compulsory specialty-oriented courses; 16 credits for elective specialty-oriented courses.

4. Optional Courses(6 credits)

Requirements: 6 credits.

5. Second Class(Extracurricular Activities)(3 credits)

Requirements: 3 credits


.  Education Plan