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Executive Administration

Update: 2012/11/27

Years of Schooling: 4 years

Professional Category: Public Management


I. Educational Objectives

This program is aimed at training higher level professionals with profound knowledge in administration, management, politics, law and other fields, familiar with China's guidelines, policies and regulations concerning political administration in particular, understanding of the real situation of political administration, possession of quantitative analysis and computer skills befitting office automation and information management systems. They should also have a satisfactory level of management, organization, planning and execution ability which will enable them to shoulder management and research responsibilities in political organizations, business enterprises, communities and social organizations.


II. Education Requirements

Students of this program should master the basic theories and knowledge of public administration, politics, management and law, receive basic training in public administration theories research, public policy analysis, social survey and research, foreign language, document drafting and office automation, and are capable of carrying out public administration and related scientific research.

Upon graduation, students are supposed to acquire knowledge and abilities listed as follows:

1. Profound knowledge in administration, management, politics, law and other fields, familiarity with China's guidelines, policies and regulations, those concerning political administration in particular;

2. Firm grasp of the basic ideas and methods of dialectical materialism and historical materialism and understanding of systems analysis, statistical analysis, survey analysis, policy analysis and other scientific methods;

3. Systematic professional training, a reasonable knowledge structure, and basic ability to work in administration in political organizations, business enterprises and other organizations;

4. Quantitative analysis and computer skills necessary to adapt to office automation and information management systems;

5. Understanding the dynamics of the development in administration theories as well as politics, management, law and other related disciplines;

6. Mastery of the basic methods of literature search, data query, with basic level skills in scientific research and planning, organization, implementation and hands-on working capacity.


III. Length of Schooling, Academic Credits, Degrees Conferred

Length of Schooling: 4 years

Academic Credits Required: 159 credits

Degrees Conferred: Bachelor of Management


IV. Curriculum and Credit Distribution

1. General Education Courses (54 credits)

Requirements: 44 credits for compulsory courses;10 credits for elective courses 

2.Basic Disciplinary Courses (42 credits)

    Requirements: the total of 42 credits for basic courses in the Discipline.

3. Specialty-Oriented  Courses(54 credits)

Requirements: 38 credits for compulsory specialty-oriented courses; 16 credits for elective specialty-oriented courses.

4. Optional Courses(6 credits)

Requirements: 6 credits.

5. Second Class( Extracurricular Activities)(3 credits)

Requirements: 3 credits

.  Education Plan