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Financial Management

Update: 2012/11/27

Length of Schooling : 4 years

Professional Category: Business Administration


I. Educational Objectives

This major is aimed at cultivating interdisciplinary talents who are qualified to undertake financial management work in industrial and commercial enterprises, financial enterprises, government departments and other non-profit organizations with the knowledge and ability in Financial Control, Accounting, Business Administration, Economics and Laws.


II. Education Requirements

Students of this major are acquainted with theoretical knowledge of Financial Control, Accounting, Financial Management, accepting basic training of financial and finance management, and acquire the abilities of analyzing and solving financial management problems.

Students who have completed program learning are expected

1. to master the basic theoretical knowledge of Financial Control, Accounting, Management Science and Economics;

2. to master the qualitative and quantitative  method in financial control, and be able to analyze and solve problems of financial control;

3. to have good writing and language expression ability, interpersonal communication ability as well as information acquisition ability;

4. to be acquainted with national and international policies, laws and regulations as well as international practices concerning financial control and financial management;

5. to have a good command of document retrieval and data query so as to possess the basic abilities in scientific research and practical work.


III. Length of Schooling, Academic Credits, Degrees Conferred

Length of Schooling: 4 years

Academic Credits required: 159.5 credits

Degrees Conferred: Bachelor of Management


IV. Curriculum and Credit Distribution

1. General Education Courses (54 credits)

Requirements: 44 credits for compulsory courses;10 credits for elective courses 

2.Basic Disciplinary Courses (40.5 credits)

    Requirements: the total of 40.5 credits for basic courses in the Discipline.

3. Specialty-Oriented  Courses(56 credits)

Requirements: 41 credits for compulsory specialty-oriented courses including 15 credits for practices teaching; 15 credits for elective specialty-oriented courses.

4. Optional Courses(6 credits)

Requirements: 6 credits.

5. Second Class(Extracurricular Activities)(3 credits)

Requirements: 3 credits

.  Education Plan