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About us

Update: 2012/11/7

The Department of the University Registrar, reporting to the Provost and Vice President, is the administrative department responsible for the university’s undergraduate and higher vocational and technical instruction and academic affairs. The major functions are as follows:

1) To organize the research and the drafting of Undergraduate Catalog and Higher Vocational and Technical Education Catalog. The catalogs, setting forth discipline setting and revising, and the reforms of teaching and teaching systems, will be taken into effect over the examination and approval by the University Teaching and Discipline Development Committee. Coordinating with the Office of Student Affairs, to establish the annual enrollment plan.

2) To assume the responsibility for organizing and fulfilling the application, construction and management of Projects for Shanghai Educational Heights.

3) To organize the application and to manage the construction of national and Shanghai municipal featured programs.

4) To assume the responsibility for drafting, revising and fulfilling the documents and regulations about teaching catalogs, curricula and evaluations.

5) To assume the responsibility for planning, financing and allocating instructional field work.

6) To assume the responsibility for managing undergraduate classes arrangement, classroom allocation and instructional states.

7) To assume the responsibility for examination (undergraduate final exams, College English Test Level 4 and Level 6, Shanghai University and College Computer Level Tests)-relevant affairs including arranging exam schedules, supervising testing orders, checking, hearing and giving the verdict for cheatings in exams. 

8) To research and perfect the credit education management.

9) To organize the Student Assessment of Instruction.

10) To assume the responsibility for graduation-relevant affairs: checking the qualification for graduation and degree awarding; issuing and managing graduation certificates, course completing certificates and degree diplomas.

11) To assume the responsibility for the communication with colleges about strengthening the supervising of instructional orders, the research and tackling matters of concern in teaching; to organize the evaluation of instruction including establishing the Instructional Quality Assessment Board, supervising the instructional activities; to coordinate with the relevant departments and offices in dealing with instructional evaluation and honoring affairs.

12) To organize and manage the university course development of different levels and types.

13) In accordance with the requirements of Ministry of Education, PRC, to assume the responsibility for the university’s “Project for Cultivating Excellent Engineers” including: program application, drafting and fulfilling the university’s overall cultivation plan, assigning the formulation of program development plans to the relevant colleges, fulfilling the checking of all stages by the Ministry of Education, PRC, reporting to the body corporate of the university and communicating and coordinating with relevant departments and offices inside or outside the university.

14) To assume the responsibility, coordinating with the university’s “085 Project” (Shanghai Colleges and University Essence Construction Projects) office, for planning, managing, unifying and reporting the relevant construction programs.

15) To assume the responsibility for the instructional quality development including organizing the pedagogy workshops, initiating the appraisals of Teaching Excellence, Teaching Accomplishments and Textbook Excellence.

16) To assume the responsibility for the university’s textbook-relevant affairs: to compile and fulfill the plans, and to organize the publication and supply.

17) To assume the responsibility for developing the application of modern instructional technology.

18) To assume the responsibility for coordinating and managing undergraduates’ technological innovative activities, expert lectures and second-class activities.

19) To organize and manage intercollegiate supplementary courses and selective courses.

20) To establish Registrar’s Department’s annual working plan, targeting standards and the plan for faculty and staff training, ensuring the fulfillment of national and the university’s doctrines and policies.