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Merchant Marine College

Update: 2012/11/13
Merchant Marine College (MMC) was established in April 1995. Today it is made up of Navigation Department, Marine Engineering Department, Navigation science research institute, Sino-French Joint Research Institute “Galileo & Maritime ITS for Safer Seas”, International Maritime Research Center and Mulan Maritime Simulation Center. Currently, a postdoctoral program (Communication and Transportation Engineering), three doctoral programs (Vehicle Operation Engineering, Traffic Information &Control Engineering and Marine Engineering), four master degree programs (Vehicle Operation Engineering, Traffic Information & Control Engineering, Marine Engineering, Refrigeration and Cryogenics Engineering), two master of engineering programs (Ship and Ocean Engineering, Communication and Transportation Engineering) and four undergraduate education programs (Navigation, Marine Engineering, Marine electronics and electrics , Thermal Energy and Power Engineering) are running in MMC. Among these programs, the Vehicle Operation Engineering is one of the Shanghai Leading Academic Discipline Projects, Marine Engineering is the one of the key subjects of Shanghai Education Committee, and Navigation is a special subject of Chinese national high-level education. 
MMC possesses a reasonable human resources and facilities for teaching, experiment and scientific research on maritime education, including over 140 staffs, nine teaching and research groups and two experimental centers where some advanced experimental equipments and labs are available, such as the Ship Handling Simulator, Integrated Bridge System (IBS), ECDIS, Global Maritime Distress Safety System(GMDSS), Planetarium, Refrigerated Container Integrated Lab, Engine room Automation Lab, Marine Engine Simulator, Refrigeration Air-Conditioner Lab.  MMC also operates a seamen-training base for all kinds of training serving seamen of various levels, and it is equipped with two ocean-going sailing boats “Tian Qin” and “Tian Ying” and a training vessel “Yu Feng” of 10,000 GT.
MMC is an important land for cultivating advanced navigation experts in our country. In the past 36 years, more than 6,000 students have graduated from MMC (Navigation Department and Marine Engineering Department before 1995). Many of them are playing import roles in Chinese shipping industry, and even the international shipping industry.