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Instructional Quality Management Office

Update: 2013/9/23

       The Office of Instructional Quality Management administers undergraduate curricula development, instructional quality, instructional construction projects, academic evaluation and research. The functions of the Office of Instructional Quality Management are as follows:

1) To verify and collect undergraduate curricula profiles.
2) To compile and print semester instructional implementation plans.
3) To edit and publish “Faculty Instructional Handbook”, “Students’ Handbook” and “Instruction Catalog”.
4) To administer the undergraduate projects as to instructional quality and instructional reforms.
5) To assume the responsibilities for course development involving the application and appraising of course development projects of all levels and the construction of course development center.
6) To administer the application and the approval of the university’s textbook publishing quota and plans, and to organize the application of Shanghai and national textbook development projects.
7) To assume the responsibilities involved in the university, Shanghai and national prizes for Teaching Achievements.
8) To assume the responsibility for organizing the application and inspection of new specialties, administering specialty and discipline development projects such as Undergraduate Educational Heights, Experimental Units for Specialty Comprehensive Reform.
9) In accordance with the requirements of Ministry of Education, PRC, to assume the responsibility for the university’s “Project for Cultivating Excellent Engineers” including: program application, drafting and fulfilling the university’s overall cultivation plan, assigning the formulation of program development plans to the relevant colleges, fulfilling the checking of all stages by the Ministry of Education, PRC, reporting to the body corporate of the university and communicating and coordinating with relevant departments and offices inside or outside the university.
10) To assume the responsibility, coordinating with the university’s “085 Project” (Shanghai Colleges and University Essence Construction Projects) office, for planning, managing, unifying and reporting the relevant construction programs.
11) To assume the responsibilities involved in the university’s optional courses management.
12) To coordinate with the Director of the Registrar’s Office in organizing the university’s undergraduate instructional meetings.
13) To coordinate with the Director of the Registrar’s Office in organizing the regular meetings with the vice deans supervising teaching and instruction.
14) To assume the responsibility for instructional quality management including: organizing the mid-term instructional inspection, the investigation and data collection of the faculty’s teaching, communicating matters of concern from the university’s instructional supervisory personnel to the relevant colleges and fulfilling the supervision, appraisal and examination with respect to instructional quality.
15) To assume the responsibility for the work relevant to Quality Management System, participating in the establishment of instruction-relevant policies and regulations.
16) To assume the responsibility for receiving, registering, circulating and filing of instructional documents.
17) Fulfilling the assignments by the directors of the Registrar’s Office.
Office Address: Room 253, 252, Administrative Building, Lingang Campus  
Tel: 86-21-38284270, 3828427138284288